What is expected of parents during holiday.

Recently, the Covid-19 pandemic brought to light a lot of issues. Parenting skills of multitudes of people were put to the test. In the community where I live, lots of the girls got pregnant and many were married off prematurely. Lamentations were directed towards the government to at least just open the schools. The hard truth: there are parenting issues all over the globe.

I have put up a few clues on how best you can live in harmony with the 21st century teenagers. In the holiday, try out the following:

Pray with your kids. Instill a sense of fear of the creator and let them know that they are not on their own on this expansive universe. Do Bible study with them lest they get misled by the large crowd of masqueraders of men/women of God.

Mind the kids’ dress code. Let them know the reason why they need to dress well.

Monitor what they watch and how much time they spend on TV. Let them grow into responsible people, not to just watch TV the whole day. Help them acquire a growth mindset.

Encourage them complete any school tasks they came home with.

 Boys and  girls should have separate bedrooms.

Regular counselling meetings are vital for your kids.

Listen to them in case of challenges.

Be a role model to your kids. Don’t let your dark side be known to your kids.

Train them on how to do domestic work.

Promote your kid’s dreams/visions. Encourage them to push for their dreams, teach them to persevere and never to quit.

Avoid domestic violence in front of kids.

Have meals together.

Be a regular provider to your kids.

Train kids to respect people irrespective of age. Greet all people. Teach them that it costs them nothing to be humble.

Teach them to be  appreciative.

In the presence of children, avoid ill talks  about their Teachers.

Tell them “money is worked for”.

Help your children avoid unnecessary visitations.

Teach them the importance of good health. Let them do physical exercise and avoid situations that jeopadise their health. Let them know that HIV is still at large and has no cure yet. Encourage them to avoid circumstances that can expose them to the deadly virus.

In your bid to be a good loving parent, don’t spoil the children. Show them love, but not in a way that make them irresponsible.

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